Full service in the physical library room

Search, loan, return and pay

With Butler everything is gathered in one user friendly solution – suitable for all library users. The library user can loan, return, search for new materials and pay fees with mobile payment.

Butler creates coherence between service and communication in the same solution. You can customize the Butler for your library’s needs by adding and removing the functions easily. This way your users will always be presented with relevant options.


Intelligent search and inspiration

Butler will figure out which type of material the user is searching for and divide the results accordingly.

The user is presented with inspiration during the search, eg. books by the same author, more in the same series, or materials that others have lent.


Lending easily and safe

The user is easily guided through the lending process. Butler ensures a user friendly layout and the user can loan with RFID-scan and the receipt will be sent per mail or printed afterwards.


Easily accessible returning system

Butler visually guides the user through the returning of materials. Fees can be paid directly through mobile payment. The receipt is then sent per mail or printed on the spot.


Access personal status and profile

The user can easily get an overview of loans, reservations and fees, which can be paid directly through mobile payment. Materials can be renewed, and reservations canceled easily.

Butler – design


Design is not only a question about, how it looks and feels. Design is also about how it works.

Design in focus

With Butler the design is in focus. You can choose freely between different colors for the table top and the pillar. The height can easily be raised or lowered with the height adjusting function. Furthermore, the touch screen has an easy and user-friendly layout. Butler comes in three different models:

  • Freestanding with height adjusting function
  • Wall model with height adjusting function
  • Wall model without height adjusting function

Butler Features

All function can be added and removed easily to fit your library’s needs

  • Loan with rfid scan
  • Return with rfid scan
  • Login to “my materials”: Show loans, reservations, fees and delete reservations
  • Print: reservations and receipt can be printed directly or sent per mail
  • Payment of fees with mobile payment
  • Scan a book and get more info

  • Search suggestions, filter, and intelligent choice of material type
  • Material details and description
  • Related materials, “about the author”, and reviews
  • Features like “find at the shelf” and “reserve”
  • Add favorite materials to a list
  • Print, sms or e-mail list of favorites with title and location in the library

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