Scan & Borrow


Scan & Borrow

Your users can now borrow books directly with the Library App

Deichman Bjørvika. Photo: Erik Thallaug

Scan and borrow materials directly from the library shelf

With Scan & Borrow your users can loan materials with their own smartphone on both Android and iOS.

When the loan is registered the alarm in the RFID-chip will be deactivated and your users can bring the materials home as usual.

Create an easy and safe experience

With the new loan function your users can avoid queues at the selfservice stations – and you might be able to reduce the number of stations.

Your users will furthermore have less contact spots and thereby a safer visit at the library.

Excellent user experience

The loan function has the same user friendly design as your users know from the Library App. Your users will be guided through the loan in three easy steps:

Open Scan & Borrow in the Library App

The user scans the material

The user gets a list of loaned materials

Bonus: We collect email addresses on your users

Scan & Borrow has a bonus for you. Users who have not registered their email in the library system, will be asked to do so before the loan is approved. The receipt has to be sent to an email address, since the user will not be able to print it. The email address is saved automatically in the library system.

Receive a free marketing package

When you buy the new loan function to your library, you will receive a free marketing package. This will make it easy for you to tell your users about the new possibility of loaning materials with the Library App.

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