Kongsberg Library


Kongsberg Library, Norway

Storytelling and
digital installations

Storytelling and digital installations

  • Client:
  • Kongsberg Library, Norway
  • Tasks:
  • Project Management
  • Software, Hardware
  • Installation
  • Year:
  • 2015

At the new culture centre in Kongsberg, Norway, the library is filled with interesting and inspiring experiences.

Kongsberg is the first library in Norway to introduce a digital and expanded environment like this and at the pre-opening the visitors seemed excited.

As an extension of the well-known situation being at the library, digital installations provide a new and interesting way to search for information. The combination of digital and physical elements gives a dynamic but yet authentic situation at the library.

Storytelling with
a panoramic view

Imagine if the pictures from the book you are reading aloud would show to the ones listening or you could set the mood by choosing themes.

This is exactly what happens when you read aloud in front of the 7.5-meter long panoramic wall. You can create a unique story by using the different thematical backgrounds and setting the mood by shifting between neutral, dramatic, dreamy, happy or sad. You can also choose to use the pictures from the specific book instead.

The reading aloud will for sure get new dimensions!

The interactive floor

Let the children interact with the content on the floor using their feet. We have developed different interactive games, which all have a focus on learning as well as specific content and books from the library. The floor responds to the childrens’ playing with us of Kinect technology, which is hidden away up underneath the ceiling.

The Book Shop

Get an intuitive experience of drawing a book from the digital Libry Book Shop. It has a much stronger effect to interact with books visually, rather than meeting a row of book spines. Book Shop gives you an overview of the physical resources of the library and it shows materials, which can be found close to you. Book Shop gives inspiration and information through a touch screen in relation to a specific context and library users interacts with it through book front pages on the screen.

Digital posters

Being up to date and know what is going on at the library is important. The library is a meeting place for people. To get more information about the library, Libry Poster informs you about events and feed you with news from the library.

The digital elements are curated to give you a personal and unique experience at the library in Kongsberg. Through beautifully designed templates it is made easy for library staff to create new digital posters and time schedule their display. In this way there will always be up-to-date and relevant content for library users.

Mix your own music

With Libry Audio Factor library users can mix their own music in an interactive, visual universe. Audio Factor shows fragments of music tracks as circles, which can be manipulated on a touch screen. This creates an intuitive way of playing with the music, cut and put small audio pieces together from music tracks, adjust volume and much more.

Audio Factor makes it easy and fun to mix unique music. No particular knowledge is required and it is guaranteed that it will sound well. Send the mixed music track to yourself when the musical creation is sublime.

”Books will soon be obsolete in the public schools. Scholars will be instructed through the eye. It is possible to teach every branch of human knowledge with the motion picture.”

– Thomas Edison, July 1913

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