Rethinking digital dialogue

We are a creative design and software company

User dialogue

We are serious about library users input

Your entire library in one app

“Biblioteket app” is here for you

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Design is mapping of working processes

Drone perspective

From above, beside, below – drone perspective creates new insights

Libry Butler

Search, borrow, return, pay – Libry Butler offers full service and excellent design

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We are a creative design company
– Rethinking digital dialogue


Redia is a vibrant design and software company that creates digital communication solutions for – among others – cultural institutions, museums, science centres, and libraries.

To empower us all towards building af better society we have to constantly rethink how to communicate and how to set users’ needs first. It’s essential.

“Technology and creativity are just tools. What really matters is how we can make a difference for the user”

BalaSuthas Sundararajah, Redia

Challenge prevailing

At the heart of Redia lies our capacity for challenging prevailing practices and rethink established ideas in close cooperation with our clients, partners and end users.

Working through iterative and explorative processes our interdisciplinary team creates projects that are innovative and offer valuable solutions.

Explore to understand

Understanding the world around us is key to creating the right solutions. From start to finish in every project, we work in close cooperation with both end users as well as field experts, to ensure the best possible outcome.

to succeed

To us user testing is not a project phase, but corner stone throughout the entire process. From initial idea to finished product, continuous prototyping, testing and adjusting are the primary tools that shape every solution.

Create unique
experiences and
meaningful interactions

Wether the task is creating a full blown museum experience or fine tuning a miniscule part of an app, we are on a never ending mission to improve the world around us.

Every project has to make sense in a broader perepective and contribute to the world in a meaningful way – and if they happen to inspire, enlight or amaze along the way, we know we are on the right track.

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