User dialogue

We are serious about library users’ input

Your entire library in one app

The Library App is here for you

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Search, borrow, return, pay. Butler offers full service and excellent design

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Dynamic design- and software company


Redia creates innovative solutions for libraries and companies. Our focus is real people and their needs.

To empower us all towards building a better society we have to constantly rethink how to communicate and how to set users’ needs first. It’s essential.

“Technology and creativity are just tools. What really matters is how we can make a difference for the user”

BalaSuthas Sundararajah, Redia

Together we will create the modern library

When developing products for libraries around the world, we focus on connecting great service and communication. With that in mind our products are designed with the library user in center.

Iterate to succeed

To us user testing is not a project phase, but corner stone throughout the entire process. From initial idea to finished product, continuous prototyping, testing and adjusting are the primary tools that shape every solution.

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