Save time for both the library and the user

Confirm reservations and save time

The Queue module makes it easy to jump out of the reservation queue before the book is placed in the collection area. That means that if the user is no longer interested in the book, the spot in the queue will be given to the next one in line. This saves time for both the library and the library’s users.

Keep track of the reservations

The user will receive a notification asking her to confirm or cancel the reservation.

A notification is send to the user

The user opens the notification

The user confirms or cancels

To many people never collect their reserved books

The number of books that never get collected differs from library to library. In some cases, up to 49% of reserved materials are not collected. This results in a huge waste of time for both the library and the user: librarians spend time finding materials which are never collected and there will be a longer waiting time for users that are interested in those materials.

The module in function

If your library has chosen this module, the user will automatically receive a notification through the app. The user is given the opportunity to either keep or dismiss the reservation. This will be done in plenty of time before the librarians pick up the material for collection. If the reservation is dismissed by the user, the spot will automatically go to the next user in line.

Queue module

  • The user reserves a material and waits in line if the material is currently borrowed by another user.
  • The user will receive a notification when the material is soon to be collected.
  • The user chooses between “keep” or “dismiss” based on whether the material still has relevance.
  • With a click on “dismiss”, the reservation is cancelled and will proceed to the next in line.
  • With a click on “keep”, the reservation is confirmed and the user keeps their place in line

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