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  • 2019

Mobile payment has become part of the modern library with the integration of MobilePay in the Library App. In 2018 MobilePay passed four million users, indicating that it has become a preferred option when it comes to mobile payment.

A number of Danish libraries already offer MobilePay to their users via the Library App. Slagelse Bibliotekerne was amongst the first to integrate the MobilePay solution. We have talked with librarian Jakob Poulsen, who also works with communication at Slagelse Bibliotekerne about the benefits of mobile payment at the library.

A part of the basic package for Danish libraries

Through the collaboration with Danskernes Digitale Bibliotek, the Payment module has become part of DDB’s basic package, which is offered to the Danish libraries. This allows the libraries to be easily connected to the payment module.

Increasing number of payments through the Library App.

Since the launch, more than 60 libraries have chosen to connect MobilePay to the Library App. Just these past months we’ve seen an increasing number of payments through the app.

Library users’ balances are now easily resolved

At Slagelse Bibliotekerne, the library users are increasingly making use of the possibility to pay their fees through the Library App.

Just in the first half of 2019, users at Slagelse Bibliotekerne have viewed their balances via the app 852 times. Of that, 25% went directly to pay the balance through the mobile payment solution.

A clear advantage for the library

The Danish libraries can be limited to receiving payments only via Dankort and this was the case for Slagelse Bibliotekerne. As a result, the library repeatedly faced a challenge when a library user wanted to pay a fee with other cards.

Having integrated the mobile payment module, the library now has an easy solution: payment through the app. Slagelse Bibliotekerne have since then put great emphasis on informing the library’s users about the app and how they can advantageously use it.

“For us, it’s about users getting a 360 degree quality product. As a library user you should be able to arrange everything in one place ”

– Jakob Poulsen, Slagelse Bibliotekerne 

Easy administration of the payment

When connecting to the Payment module, the library gets direct access to a log over the payments made via MobilePay in the Library App. Here you can easily find all payments – both completed and not completed. The payments are listed with Fee ID and Order ID, making it easy to look up specific cases. 

In addition, the library receives a monthly outline of payments made through mobile payment.

A great thanks to Jakob Poulsen for sharing Slagelse Bibliotekernes experience with mobile payment through the Library App.

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