Intuitive wayfinding

Wayfinding for all platforms

With Wayfinding the library users will be able to easily find their way around the library. We develop the map so that it will be able to display the wayfinding integration on large info screens, in the Library App, on the website, and wherever it is needed.

MapsIndoors navigation

Wayfinding is integrated into a number of Danish libraries. The solution is based on MapsIndoors provided by MapsPeople – a partner to Google. The Google maps are well known, making the solution easy and user-friendly.

Location of items

With Wayfinding the user will be able to find the location for a particular item directly from the item information page.

Item information page
Here you will be able to see the button: “Find the item”

Library list
List of libraries that have the item available

Map display
The location of the item is displayed on a map showcasing the library

Explore the library

The library user can easily form an overview of the library and any points of interest, for example reservations, toilets or borrow and return

Main menu
The user can go directly to “show way” from the main menu

Map of the library
Here all icons are shown in a map of the library

 Points of interest
filter to see specific categories and points of interest

Wayfinding Functions


  • Map overview
  • Search and find on the shelf
  • Find ’Points of Interest’ (POI)
  • Add content to POI via CMS-platform

  • Seamless navigation from outdoor to indoor (with Google platform)
  • Show dynamic route from position to material or POI
  • Integration to different media: Library App, Butler, info screens, web, etc.

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