Libry Wayfinding


Libry Wayfinding™

Intuitive wayfinding

Way finding for all platforms

Libry Wayfinding™ does the job for library users, when they need to find their way in the library. Redia develops integrations to the library’s wayfinding map solution in way, which makes it possible to show it on large info screens, in the Libry App™, on the website, and where ever it is needed to be displayed.

Google indoor navigation

Libry Wayfinding™ integration is developed for Copenhagen Libraries and is also being developed for Sønderborg Libraries. The solution for Sønderborg Libraries is based on Google Indoor Navigation and Intelligent Material Control (IMS). Google’s maps has a strong platform and are well known to most people, which makes it easy and user-friendly to navigate.

Searching and wayfinding

With Redia’s wayfinding integration you can find the exhibition, the toilet and the reception etc. But you can also search for library materials and find the position of the materials one the shelves. With an integration to IMS or the library system which is combined with a map solution, it is possible to make wayfinding much more than just a map overview.

It is also possible to add position technology, which displays a dynamic route from the users’ position to the searched material or another destination. Just like you know it from the GPS in the car.

Libry Wayfinding™

Features of the Libry Wayfinding™ integration dependents of course on which wayfinding solution the library has chosen. The integrations we have made so far have included the following:

  • Map overview
  • Search and find on the shelf
  • Find ’Points of Interest’ (POI)
  • Add content to POI via CMS-platform
  • Read about wayfinding in Libry App here
  • Seamless navigation from outdoor to indoor (with Google platform)
  • Show dynamic route from position to material or POI
  • Integration to different media: Libry App, Libry Butler, info screens, web etc.

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