Libry Story Panorama


Libry Story Panorama™

Moods of story telling

Dynamic moods

With Libry Story Panorama™ you can add dynamic moods to your story telling on a large wall projection for the fun of all the children.


Sit down in an armchair while you turn to your listeners. Open a fairytale and while you are reading, the story unfolds behind you as a large projection on the wall.

Libry Story Panorama™ adds elements and moods from the story, while you read and transforms the experience of the story telling.

By interacting with the entire room, the story becomes alive to the children. The reader controls Story Panorama, while reading the story.

“No, no! The adventures first, explanations take such a dreadful time.” 

– Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in
Wonderland &Through the Looking-Glass

Administration of content

You can choose to use the pre-defined moods, which fits the phases of the story. An alternative is to scan the pages of the book and illustrations and show it as projections on the wall, while you are reading.

With the editor “Hubber” it is possible to upload illustrations and pages from the stories.

Libry Story Panorama™

  • Control the visual elements by choosing a scene for the room on an iPad – e.g. ‘the city’ or ‘the landscape’.
  • Change the mood at any time during reading by pushing the cursor on the iPad towards another mood – e.g. neutral, drama, happy, dreaming.
  • Scan pages and pictures before the reading begins and upload to Hubber. Show them during reading.
  • Make moods and scenes before the reading begins.
  • Libry Story Panorama™ is controlled by an iPad with an app which communicate directly with a computer through wifi.

Libry Story Panorama
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