The Libry Shelves


Libry Shelves™

The inspiring and dynamic theme book case blends physical and digital content.

Dynamic theme book case

Libry Shelves™ is like a dynamic theme book case, where you can blend physical materials and artefacts with digital content e.g. video, pictures, book frontpages, etc.

Libry Shelves™ mixes content in one dynamic book case, which is beautifully designed to meet guests of the library with relevant themes, when they visit the library.


You can have special theme videos designed and display them on different screens in the book case, where they still act as a coherent video. When an element is shown at one screen, you follow the element and see it continue on another screen. This creates a wondrous universe where the theme is displayed in a dynamic and surprising way.

“To build up a library is to create life. It’s never just a random collection of books.”


The design of the book case is developed in corporation with the library to ensure that it fits into the line of design and dimensions of the room. Size of the book case, number of rooms, screens, and size of screens can be varied to ensure that it will fit into the library.

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