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Libry Play Floor™

Play and learn with your feet

Visual learning platform

Libry Play Floor™ is a platform, where children can learn through playing and physical movement. The installation uses children’s enthusiasm for learning through all senses. Each of the many play lanes are adjusted to different age levels and they focus on words, numbers, English, and free games. All plays focus on learning through play and fun.

The visual expression of the themes is focused on nature and animals. These themes are well known for children and easy to incorporate in a visual expression or a humorous aesthetic style.

About the games

The games are based on generic game mechanics, which can be used for the different school subjects and grades. The target group of the games is children between 5-10 years.

The technology

Libry Play Floor™ uses a projector to project the game on a large mat, where the children jump and step on. Furthermore, Kinect technology is used, which means that Play Floor follows the children’s movements, what they step on, and responds according to game rules. In this way, the children solely can use the body and no joystick or anything to interact with the games.

Play is the beginning of knowledge

About playing and learning

Example of game – London

In this game the child is given a certain theme. It could be any theme, for instance London. The child has to find the elements, which match the main theme to complete the game. The child has to interact with the floor to learn about the specific topic. All themes comes with a visually appealing design.

Example of game – The garden

The Garden is another game version, which again caters to younger children. The game can either focus on spelling by putting syllables together, or small mathematical challenges such as to practice tables.

Example of game – The Beaver river

Compound words are the focus of this game called The Beaver River. The child tries different combinations of words. To cross the river, the child has to find the right matches and thereby create compound words. The many wrong combination possibilities adds elements of humor and creativity to the game.

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