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Libry Audio Factor™

Mix your own music

Interactive music universe,
where library users can mix their own music in a visual way

Interactive music universe

Audio Factor is an interactive music product, which makes mixing of music funny and intuitive for everybody. It does not require any special qualifications.

With Audio Factor the music is transformed into a visual interactive universe, where a music tracks’ single sound tracks are shown as circles, which can be manipulated with your fingers on the touch screen.

Visual dialogue

Audio Factors’ user interface is interactive and intuitive. It presents a completely new way for users to mix their own music. With Audio Factor, each instrument or sound is visualized by a circle. By dragging in the circle and make it larger or smaller, the volume is adjusted up and down in an easy and intuitive way.

User-friendly interaction
with touchscreen

Audio Factor is designed as an appealing touchscreen, which is integrated in a furniture. The touch-screen is large enough for at least two persons to interact with the music at the same time.

About designing new products

”If you asked people what they wanted, they would have said ”faster horses””

– Henry Ford

The content

The content consists of different rock and pop tracks. The musical building blocks are loops of different lengths from the tracks, and they are always in a pace and tone, so they always will fit with each other in a given session.

Together with others

With Audio Factor, you can be several people working together about mixing music at the same time. Equipped with earphones you can be with others about mixing the music – without disturbing others in the room.

Libry Audio Factor™
Getting started

  • Get started:
    Put on the earphones and choose music bites
  • Mix the music:
    Interact with the music and mix it by dragging and playing with the circles
  • With others:
    Be with others to mix the music
  • Send the music:
    Record the music as an audio file and send it by e-mail

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