Digital Posters with dynamic and catchy messages



Large infoscreens
for dynamic messages

Poster gives your library the opportunity to target your messages to library users in a dynamic way and with a relevant timing. Poster is the digital posters of the library, which can be adjusted through specific templates, and library staff controls timing, context and content in an easy and quick way.



Dynamic messages

Poster works as living, digital posters which presents content for library users e.g. events, news, wayfinding, author portraits, digitale offers from the library, presentation of works or mood pictures of the theme of the month.



Edit posters

With the content management system, Hubber, library staff inserts book front-pages, video, pictures, and text in a chosen template. Hubber automatically transforms the content into graphically, beautiful posters. You can also make your own poster from scratch and insert them i Hubber.






Along with Poster there is a lot of templates, which all are dedicated to a specific purpose. The template ensures that the digital poster always will be graphically beautiful and you can make your poster far more quickly. Examples of templates are:


  • Events for children
  • Events for grown-up
  • Event calendar
  • News
  • Author portrait
  • Book 3D
  • Message
  • Quote
  • Fun facts
  • Info
  • Chalk board
  • Material
  • Skilt
  • Splash-text
  • Video
  • Digital offers

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