Libry Pay


Libry Pay™

Easy payment of fees 

Efficient service modules 
for the Libry App 


The Libry App is now available to all Danish libraries.

Next to that, libraries can supplement the Libry App with new, efficient service modules. Read more about the mobile payment module on this page.

A popular way of payment

Mobile payment has become a part of the modern library with Libry Pay.

In the past years mobile payment has become an important factor in modern society. More than 4.1 million people use MobilePay as a way of payment so, naturally, it was a high priority for us to offer this payment method via the Libry App. 

Easy payment available through the Libry App

An array of danish libraries already offer MobilePay to their users through the Libry App. The service module will link the user directly to the MobilePay App were the payment can be completed with a simple swipe. 

Libry Pay™ Funktioner

  • Payment of fees through MobilePay in the Libry App
  • The user will be linked directly towards the MobilePay App and the payment can be completed with just one simple swipe.
  • As with payment with card, the registration of the payment will happen automatically
  • The library will have access to a log over all payments made with mobile payment.

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