Library App


Library App

Your entire library in one app

Seemless library service

Library App gathers all library materials, events and services in one user friendly solution. In a seemsless fusion of numerous library services, users are serviced to an extent, which is second to none.

Dialogue with library users with Library App has never been easier. Using e.g. mobile payment, automatic push messaging, and wayfinding Library App is the ultimate app for library users.

A world of inspiration

Once library users open Library App a world of inspiration unfolds. With numerous integrated services and curated content, library users meets the best from the library. And of course – searching, reservations, or checking opening hours etc. are easy to access from the front page.

Mobile is mobile

Library users are mobile and expect mobile services from their library where ever they are. From the sofa at home or in the library, library users can perform their tasks in quick and flexible ways. Search across all kinds of materials and make reservations – or be guided to find the material at the shelves right away.

Library App – designed

Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent.

Library App
assists all the way

Library App assists the user all the way. It tells the user where to find the desired material and which kind of materials to choose from. Physical or digital material, in which library, and where to find it.

Personal information
and mobile payment

Library users can use Library App without being logged in. But when they log in, they will have full and detailed access to information about their loans, reservations and if there are any fees to be paid. If so – simply use the mobile payment feature to get rid of fees at once.

The future of mobile is the future of online. It is how people access online content now.

Library App

  • Search and Reservation
  • Search suggestions and -history
  • Opening hours
  • Contact information and location
  • News and events
  • Profile with loans, reservations and fees
  • Mobile payment of fees
  • Inspiration shelves
  • App switch to e- and audio book loans
  • Push message for reservations, overdue loans etc.


Get started telling your library users about the Library App. Fetch photos, videos, post cards and much more and use it to promote your new Library App.

Marketing stuff can be downloaded and used as they are, or you can implement them in your own marketing materials and graphical expression.

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