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Mobile Payment



With the Danish national agreement with DDB (Danskernes Digitale Bibliotek) all Danish libraries offer the Libry App to all library users as the mobile access to the library.

Next to that libraries can supplement Libry App with new, efficient service modules. The modules focuse on excellent service and efficient library operation. Read more about the extra modules on this page.

Mobile payment of library fees

Make it easy for your library users to pay their fees with mobile payment. With 80% of all grown ups in Denmark using MobilePay, it is a ’must’ to offer this service in a modern library.


  • Payment of fees with mobile payment in Libry App
  • With one click the user is transferred to the mobile payment app and payment is executed with one swipe
  • Registration of the payment is done automatically as with card payment
  • The library has access to a log of all mobile payment transactions

Queue module reduces waiting lists

Work processes with collecting reserved materials, which never is picked up by library users, are reduced dramatically. In Danish libraries 20-30% of all reserved materials are never picked up by the library users!


  • The library user reserves a material and is queued because it is borrowed by another user
  • The user receives a push notification when she is soon to borrow the material
  • The user clicks ”Keep” or ”Dismiss” according to if she is still wants the material or not
  • With one click on ”Dismiss”, the reservation is removed, and the material proceeds to the next user in the queue
  • With one click on ”Keep”, the material will be collected by library staff for the user

Wayfinding with Google Indoor Navigation

Wayfinding, which is implemented in the Libry App, makes it easy to find materials, exhibitions, info tables etc. The wayfinding map is based on Google Indoor Navigation, which is well known by the users and secures a strong product in the future.


  • Google Indoor Navigation implemented in Libry App
  • Wayfinding for searched materials
  • Wayfinding for exhibitions, info tables and other points of interest
  • Ongoing creation and changing of points of interest via CMS
  • Possibility to customize the wayfinding module to other platforms (e.g. info screens, web etc.)

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