The Library App


The Library App

Your entire library
in one app

  • Client:
  • The Danish Digital Library
  • Tasks:
  • App development
  • Marketing materials
  • Support
  • Year:
  • 2017

Redia has developed the Library App (Biblioteket-appen), which can be used by all citizens in Denmark. At Spring 2018 Library App was implemented in all Danish Libraries in cooperation with DDB (the Danish Digital Library). Redia also cooperates with Biblioteksentralen in Norway about distributing the Library App to the Norwegian libraries.

The Library App can be used on IOS and Android and can be downloaded in App Store and Google Play.

With the Library App on the smartphone all Danish citizens can perform almost any transaction. In other words: Your entire library in one app.

Empirical based development

The Library App covers incredibly many features and has a lot of integrations to different library services and systems. This does not happen easily, but is based on a deep knowledge about Danish library services. Through about 10 years Redia has worked with design and software solutions for libraries and this shows in the seemless solution with complex functionality in the Library app.

Intuitive design

When a new app is distributed to all citizens in a country, it must be really user friendly and easy to understand, and everything must be performed intuitively and smooth. This is why a huge amount of work has been executed on user analysis ahead of the development of Library app.

User dialogue

The Library app is a part of the Danish Digital Library’s offer for all Danish libraries – a new common app. The Library App became the ‘new common app’ in December 2017 and only 6 months later it was implemented in all Danish libraries. This could only happen so fast because Redia already had developed a new app for libraries, which 16 libraries were using.

The development process happened in close cooperation with several libraries, who gave valuable suggestions for features in the Library app. Next to that several library users participated in interviews and workshops. User dialogue is a must in developing relevant and smooth solutions for library users.

All Danish libraries
are now using the Library App

The Danish Digital Library
and Redia

The Danish Digital Library and Redia cooperates closely on development, implementation and communication to the libraries about the new Library App. A new support and guide platform has been established.

Platform for support

This is the place for library staff to find articles about configuration and use of the Library App. It is also the place to find marketing stuff, which is free of charge to use in marketing aims.

Find all guides, support and marketing stuff for the Library App here.

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