The Ice Age


Modern Man and the Ice Age

Back to the Ice Age

  • Client:
  • Natural History Museum
  • Tasks:
  • Digital installations
  • Coordination with professionals,
    architects etc.
  • Year:
  • 2016

At the Natural History Museum of Aarhus, Denmark, the exhibition BACK TO THE ICE AGE opened May the 13th 2016 with flags and flavors of the Ice Age. 1-1 sized ice age animals were wakened up and impressed the audience visiting the museum.

Huge mammoths, saber-toothed cats, and other ice age animals were exhibited and awakened with digitals installations, and stories about the huge ice age animals and the people living at that time thousands of years ago.

With the large exhibition guests could experience the large ice age animals and get insights of research of today, find tracks of the ice age in today’s nature, and create their own ice age landscape with use of digital, interactive installations.

The ambition with the exhibition ”Back to the ice age” was to make the past relevant in the present and to make the history of nature an exiting experience with the use of interactive installations and with ”play and learn” as an important concept in the exhibition.

The exhibition opened in Aarhus in 2016 and the year after it was exhibited in Aalborg, Denmark.

The scanner

One example of how we combine the prehistoric and the modern world is our scanner special designed for this exhibition. At this installation you don’t scan milk or books from the library – but it’s the same concept.

Choose a bone and scan the red spot. “Rock star” scientists – e.g. Eske Willerslev – will tell you all about which prehistoric animal you are holding in your hand and the stories about the animals life. The scanner is placed in a tent, where you get the feeling of being in the field exploring with the scientists.

Play and learn

An interactive sandbox is used to visualise how huge ice glaciers formed the landscape of today. An image of a landscape is projected on the surface of the sand. You simply just dig your hands into the sand, form mountains or valleys and experience how the projected image responses to your actions.

Mountains get icy on top and valleys or channels are filled with water. The installation’s combination of visual and tactile sensations clarify the message through experiences at first hand, and in a playful way which both children and adults can enjoy.

”Change of climate has had an enormous significance for the extinction of the large animals. In some instances – and only locally – humans were the cause of this. But otherwise it was the climate and changes of vegetation, which was the large sinner.”

– Eske Willerslev

An old story,
more relevant than ever

This exhibition is for the whole family told by talented and gripping storytellers as Morten D. D. Hansen and the famous DNA-researcher Eske Willerslev.

We are excited about this exhibition for its interactivity and its atmospheric and visual expressions. You get the feeling of stepping into a time warp surrounded by the sound of enormous glaciers about to calve. But at the same time the exhibition do raise questions for the future about DNA cloning and the prospect of a new ice age.

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